Monday, January 25, 2010

Camera System at Rock Stack

Ok, time for a quick update on the camera system set up viewing our rock stack at the Catharpin, VA site.

We have not collected any evidence of Bigfoot activity obviously, but there are some interesting videos to view nonetheless. You can view some of these videos at our YouTube page at:

One video in particular caught our interest though. I believe we have discovered one of the culprits messing with our penny on top of the rock stack.

Although this deer may have found interest in our penny on the rock stack experiment, it does not explain a past experience with the penny being place between the rocks, deer can't do that.

We have now placed a beer bottle on the top of the rock stack, let's see what happens with that. Check back for updates!

1 comment:

Bigfoot/Sasquatch said...

Sounds like a great set-up you have out there! I'll be interested to see the results.