Sunday, September 20, 2009

Updated Research at Catharpin, VA Site

Over the past few months, additional experiments have been performed at the Catharpin, VA investigation site.

Experiments being performed are just that, experiments. Any results obtained by these experiments are inconclusive until photographic or video evidence is discovered. With that note, here is what we've been doing.

We have constructed a rock stack on the property. Over the past few months we have left various items on the rock stack. Two times a penny was left on top of the rock stack, another time a carnival ticket was left between the top and second stone.

Everytime we have returned to the site (about every two weeks) the rock stack has been dismantled and the item has been taken. During our last visit (about 3 weeks ago) one the the pennies reappeared under the first rock on the base rock.
In summary, this activity warrants more extensive research. These experiments so far only prove one thing...either "someone" or "something" is dismantling the rock stack and taking the items left. In addition, for a penny to reappear under the stones, "someone" or "something" with hands.
The next step to this investigation will be to install a well hidden, small video/camera system. This will determine what is happening at the site. Stayed tuned to our website as we update the investigation now on a more regular basis.
If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact Billy Willard at

Friday, January 2, 2009

Catharpin, VA Investigation

On November 10, 2008, an eyewitness named Bob came out of his house, turned to get into his van and saw a Sasquatch walk across his neighbors yard toward the woods behind his home. He described the creature as being 8 feet tall and appeared to be around 400 pounds, reddish brown in color with a conical shaped head. No odors or sounds were experienced. The creature acted as if he was not there but was moving like he startled it. Bob's wife has heard something around the outside of the house at previous times.

Since receiving this report, team members of Sasquatch Watch of VA have been conducting field investigations on a regular basis. Below is a post of activities to date.


Date: 12/07/08 2:00 pm
Location: Catharpin
Weather: Clear, Windy and Cold

Investigators: Billy Willard and Charlie Polizzi

On the above time and date, the two listed investigators walked the property at the Catharpin site. We found an area at the edge of the field just into the woods where it appeared that something large had laid down in some grass, matting it down. (possibly a deer)

We also found several old tree twists in that area, which Billy photographed. (Likely created by growing vines)

The complainant Bob had nothing new to report except that some ducks had been killed, presumably by a fox, and he said he saw a shadow pass by his window one evening, however he could not be sure what it was that passed by.

Case will remain active. (Courtesy of Charlie Polizzi)

Date: 12/14/08
Weather: Clear/cold

Investigators: Billy Willard and Charlie Polizzi

On the above date the above two investigators returned to the Catharpin site and spoke with Bob. Bob had nothing new to report except on 12/11/08 at approx 6pm he had just returned home from work and he heard what sounded like a howl with a whoop on the end of it coming from a wooded area to the right of his residence.

The above two investigators walked the property and place an IR Trail Camera up in a wooded area to the right of Bob's residence near a small ravine that leads down to a stream. The camera will be left there for a week, and will be re-located to another area of the property.

Case Active (Courtesy of Charlie Polizzi)

Date: 12/21/08
Weather: Clear/cold

Investigators: Billy Willard and Charlie Polizzi

On the above date the above two investigators returned to the Catharpin site and checked the trail camera we had placed to the right of the residence. We found the camera had taken four (4) photos, the first was a test photo of Billy. The other photos were night photos taken between 12/14 and 12/21.

The memory card was removed from the camera and given to Billy for further study, a new memory card and batteries were placed in the camera and the camera was relocated to a new area behind the residence along the stream.

We walked the property and observed several stick structures which did not appear to be natural. Billy photographed them with his cell phone. We also located an area which appeared to be the site of another chicken kill. The Complainant, Bob had nothing new to report.

Case Active, Investigation continuing... (Courtesy of Charlie Polizzi)

Updates on this investigation will be added as they become available.

Some pictures of the area and some findings in the area are posted below.