Sunday, February 18, 2007

Field Research February 18, 2007

Since I was bored today and I was having research withdrawals, I took a little trip out to the Fauquier County site to see if I could find any tracks in the snow. I did find tracks, just not Sasquatch tracks. It was a nice, brisk cold day (about 30 degree F). Not many people walking around in the woods, that's for sure. Below are some pictures I took today. The first picture simply shows that there hasn't been much human traffic tracking through the woods in the snow.

I did; however, run across some turkey tracks. See the photo below.

And of course, alot of deer tracks. See photo below.

If you are asking yourself, "Why are you posting this?". Here is the answer. Folks, we don't find possible evidence every single time we go out into the field! Certainly, anyone who says they do are not be completely truthful. I can say that there have been many times I have searched and found absolutely nothing! Is there anything wrong with that? NO. However, you will notice that I will post field research EVEN WHEN NOTHING IS FOUND! I think this is very important. First of all, it shows that we are very SERIOUS in our investigations. We are not out there trying to find ANYTHING to call Bigfoot evidence. Second, I think folks need to see that we are out there making an attempt to find evidence even when we don't. How many sites dedicated to Bigfoot/Sasquatch research do you see doing that? Try ZERO!!!

From here on out, I will be making frequent updates to this field research blog to keep everyone informed of the research we are doing. Obviously, the locations will be kept secret. So, check back often and feel free to leave any comments or questions. Oh, and don't worry, if you leave a comment or question, you can do so and remain anonymous. Happy Squatching!!!


Anonymous said...

Kept looking, not everday you get results. But I know they are there. Good Hunting

Billy Willard said...

Thank you poster! I agree, we can't expect to find something everytime we go out. Thanks for th comment.

escAPEe said...

Last Sunday afternoon, I hiked into the location of an abandoned cabin in my nearby research area to see what sort of tracks could be found in the snow. The weather forecast was calling for warmer temperatures and rain-- so I wanted to look for physical evidence before it disappeared. I wondered whether the abandoned cabin was being used as a shelter or landmark by woodland critters (plus, it is hidden off the beaten track in dense woods about 1/4 mile from where a rock had been thrown at a fellow investigator last summer).

All I found around the abandoned cabin were deer tracks and piles of deer scat.

Sometimes you don't find what you want to find-- but learning a bit more about what is going on is really what's best. I'll keep looking.

Thanks so much for sharing your findings on this blog.